Nice to meet you!

I’m Amanda, a product designer and recent graduate! I graduated with a BA in Media Information Technoculture and also received a certificate in digital communications from Western University. Immediately after graduation, I pursued my dreams of becoming a product designer and enrolled in Springboard (a Bootcamp) to master my design skills and build my portfolio. I also wanted to learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript so I earned a coding certificate from SheCodes. I am currently the only product designer at the startup Cravve and freelancing on the side.

I love how design affects everyone and is found everywhere. User Experience Design has led me to pursue my passion for creating digital products that resonate with users while making a social impact through beautiful, engaging experiences.

I love to... 


Dance! I was a competitive dancer for 12 years of my life. 


Capture the beauty around me through photography.


Live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.


Stay active by running, and attending workout classes like Orange Theory.

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