"It is time to burn your resume." Crash is an up-incoming start-up that is disrupting the traditional job application process. Crash strives to help individuals with their job hunt, by providing users with a platform where they can customize their own profile and create a personalized video to "pitch" themselves to employers. The platform adds a humanistic approach to the job application process, replacing the need for resumes.

A resource that Crash offers users is the "Discover Quiz." It is a career quiz that provides recommendations to users about what career path would be best suited for their personality, strengths, and goals.

My Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer

Team: Collaborated with the founder 

Duration: October - November (1 month)

Tools: Figma

🧐 Why focus on the Discover Quiz?

The Discover Quiz has been neglected on the Crash website for a few years. Crash hired me onto the team to "revamp" the quiz because they were concerned about low user traffic and a high incompletion rate.  The team also wanted to use the quiz as a tool to attract users onto the site and increase user sign-ups. 


⭐️ The Solution Features


A Landing Page 

The landing page increases the quizzes credibility and provides users with context about the quiz.


Quiz Re-Design

The new quiz design fosters a positive and intuitive user experience

🔁 The Process


🔍 Research

📚 Secondary Research: I discovered that there are many career quizzes online that provide similar results.

✍🏼 User Survey: The results revealed only 50% of the respondents have taken a career quiz, and of those respondents more than half took the quiz in high school. 

💬 User Interviews: I uncovered that many people feel career quizzes are not credible resources to determine a career path.


📍Affinity Mapping

People take a career quiz for: 

✔️ Self-discovery 
✔️ Validate their career path
✔️ Find roles that align with skills and personality

User pain points:

⛔️ People do not trust the results 
⛔️ Some people have had a negative experience 
⛔️ Previously received unhelpful results 



⭕️ Career quizzes target a student demographic (high school & post-secondary students) 


👥 User Personas

My research led me to create 2 user personas. 

🧔🏻Job Hunting Joe: A person who is looking for a career change but does not know what role would be best for his/her strengths, personality, and goals. 

👩🏽‍🎓University Student Skylar: A student in university, who does not know what type of role to pursue after graduation. 


🚗 User Journey Map

Creating user journey maps helped me understand how the Discover Quiz can fit into someone's career journey. It made me realize the importance of making the quiz easily accessible and discoverable because this is a resource that can introduce users to the company, which can hopefully lead to an increase in user sign-ups. 


🤔 How Might We...

...Make the Crash Career Quiz more trustworthy and credible?

...Make the Crash Career Quiz more discoverable? 

...Decrease the quizzes exit rate?

Based on the research and ideation phase, I realized to solve the problem, I not only had to re-design the quiz but also create a landing page. The landing page would help provide users with context about the quiz, foster credibility, and show users what they will expect before taking the quiz. 

💻 Testing The Current Quiz Design

I asked 5 people to complete 3 scenarios to evaluate the user-friendliness of the design. I discovered that there is a lack of context about the quiz since there is no title or description, users did not see there were side arrows when they were asked to go back to the previous question, and the progress bar is tiny therefore potentially ineffective. 


User feedback on current quiz design

✍🏼 Sketching


Sketch of landing page (part 1)


Sketch of landing page (part 2)


Sketch of quiz

1️⃣ 1st Round of Hi-Fi Wireframes

After testing my hi-fi wireframes with 5 participants, I discovered 3 pain points. 

  • 5/5 participants found it difficult to find the quiz on Crash's landing page 
  • 1/5 did not know to scroll down when on the landing page
  • 1/5 wanted to see how many questions were left in the quiz

🎬 Final Solution 

Based on the first round of usability testing I made the following changes to the design: 

  1. Articles Landing Page: I re-designed the page so it is easy to navigate, the call to action "Take The Quiz" is easily recognizable, and the page is easier to skim. 
  2. Quiz Landing Page: I added a "Learn More" label in the bottom middle of the screen so users will understand that they can scroll down. 
  3. Quiz: Based on user feedback I indicated the number of questions that are left in the top right corner.

"Articles" landing page re-design


Quiz Landing Page



🥳 Prototype

Click here to view the prototype

🤓 Lessons Learned

Ask for Analytics 

Initially, Crash provided me with the broad task of re-designing the quiz for a friendlier user experience. I was lost where to start, and my mentor advised me to ask for the quiz's analytics. Once I analyzed the analytics, the data-guided my research

Balance Business Goals and User Experience

I wanted to achieve the business goals without negatively impacting the user experience. After conducting user research, and understanding user pain points, I believed that a landing page would be the best option to increase discoverability and user traffic. 

🪜Next Steps

Send Figma File to Software Engineer

Since the hi-fi wireframes are complete, I will now collaborate with Crash's software engineer to implement my designs on the site. 

Re-Design The Results Page

If I had more time, I would focus on encouraging those who take the quiz to create a crash account. This would involve focusing on re-designing the quiz results page. 

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